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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greetings from Ruth Orantes at the Global Baptist Peace Conference

Thursday / Rome, Italy

Dear CBC brothers and sisters,

I'm in Rome and it is 11:20pm. I have not had any problems on my journey since I left El Salvador. My days in the Netherlands with the brothers and sisters of the Protestant Church of Ann Zee Egmond were very beautiful. Everyone treated me very well and we further strengthened the relationship with their congregation.

I arrived on Monday in Rome – or rather at the retreat center (outside Rome) where the conference is being held. I found some people I know – Rosemary Richard Kidd of Manchester, England; Rev. Edgar Palacios and his daughter from El Salvador (they live in Washington DC); Rev. Gustavo Parajon from Nicaragua; LeDayne from the Baptist Peace Fellowship whom I met in New Orleans; Ruth Mooney, who was a missionary in El Salvador; and Ken Sehested. I am also getting to know other people and making new connections.

The worship times are very significant. The presentations and the testimonies are very interesting, and the workshops are very productive. There are many subjects that are relevant for our journey in El Salvador.

We have people from about 60 countries – all colors, all languages, from all continents. I was talking one day with Dan Buttry and he said that he is very happy and impressed by the good number of young people here who can continue the work for peace and justice. Their presence brings much joy here. For example, we had a half hour after completing an activity, and here was a group of 25 youth trying to play together, even when they had to translate everything in several languages. But it was obvious that they were enjoying being together.

Last night, the Italians offered us a night of Italian music. It was "bellisimo!" There was a soprano who impressed everyone., and a harpist who played majestically, and also a trio and a quartet of singers.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Rome. We will have three activities. We will participate in a worship service in the Basilica of St. Paul's. At 4:00pm there will be a peaceful demonstration for peace in the Plaza San Lorenzo, and then we will have evening worship in the Waldensian Church, where Ken Sehested will be preaching.

Please share my gratitude with the brothers and sisters of CBC for making my participation in this Conference possible! May God bless you all.

With love,

Ruth Eunice Rodriguez de Orantes
Iglesia Bautisa Shekina