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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shekina Christmas project aids sister church damaged by Hurricane Ida

a report from Shekina...

Our Sister Church - Iglesia Bautista Discipulos de Cristo - in the outskirts of San Martin suffered dangerous and tremendous damage in the night of Nov. 7/8th 2009 because of Hurricane Ida.  There were 2 dead in the congregation.  Members of the church lost all fields of beans and corn, which went down into the valley, 300m deep. The church terrace was damaged as well, and they will have to move before the rainy season 2010 (May).

On December 22nd, the Shekina Solidarity Committee (comite de solidaridad) delivered a much appreciated Christmas present of food baskets to 38 families at Iglesia Bautista Discipulos de Cristo.  We got to know each other better and celebrated an improvised thanksgiving church service with the pastor.

(Thank you to Bernhard for this update and David Chacon for photos)