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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Delegation from Calvary Baptist Church in Washington DC

A delegation of 11 members of Calvary Baptist Church in Washington DC recently returned from a trip to El Salvador organized by Pastor Edgar Palacios. (Several of the delegation participants are friends of John and Nancy Thayer from Central Baptist Church - the other "CBC")

During the visits in El Salvador, the Calvary delegation met with new friends and participated in missions projects. At one church, they worked on a new project that will benefit the unemployed in the church through a metal-working shop/school. The shop will build kitchens, fences, and balconies for people’s homes and train new artisans to take their skills elsewhere to find work. In the beginning, this will benefit 8 families and it will continue to grow and help the local community get back on their feet! They also met the recipients and applicants of the Shalom Scholarship, a program sponsored by Calvary to enable students in El Salvador to complete their education. The group also had an opportunity to meet with El Salvador's Vice-President, Sanchez Ceren.

Their experiences during the Oct 10 to Oct 17 trip are documented in a great blog with lots of stories and photos. Check it out at