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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updates from Alex in Santa Ana

We send greetings to all in CBC and the Simple Way. As always we are fighting here, hoping that we can see new realities as good news for the poor of our country.

For next year, students in public schools receive uniforms and school supplies, shoes, food and milk from the government . This will reactivate the small tailoring shops, clothing makers, and shoemakers. And this will also benefit small businesses that sell school supplies. It seems to be an excellent sign, but we will see how it turns out in practice. People are happy, full of hope by this news which is already pushing preparation processes within each school.

However, the right of the country is trying to overturn this reality as they have always done . They are telling people that this program will start to turn El Salvador into another Cuba, because people will have to stand in line to receive these packages. But for a long time and even now, people have had to line up outside under the hot sun to pay their utility bills for electricity and telephone.

Well, on 02 November, there will be an ecumenical political activity in Santa Ana in memory of all fallen in a time of war. This will be in St. Elizabeth Cemetery, a place where, in 2010, we will build a monument to honor our fallen martyrs in the struggle.

Alex Orantes / Santa Ana / September 30, 2009