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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Salvadoran Human Rights Advocate to visit in March

The Salvador Partners will be hosting a special Salvadoran guest for the weekend of March 23-24. The visit with Maria Silvia Guillen, a human rights advocate and attorney, is being coordinated by our partners at the SHARE Foundation and coincides with the 26th anniversary of the martyrdom of Archibishop Oscar Romero.

María Silvia Guillén is a human rights advocate and Executive Director of the Foundation for the Study of the Application of Law (FESPAD) in El Salvador . She has extensive experience promoting the education and training of peasant farmers and women and has substantial knowledge of El Salvador ’s legal system, having specialized in and taught agricultural and constitutional law. María Silvia has worked to strengthen El Salvador ’s Attorney General’s office and has advocated for respect of the fundamental rights of individuals punished without due process. María Silva’s work has expanded beyond El Salvador ’s borders: she has served as Substitute Magistrate on the Central American Court of Justice, as well as a Judge on the Central American Tribunal on Water, thereby supporting the efforts of Central American nations to strengthen rights that have been historically ignored in the region.

Watch for specific details for the visit to follow.