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Monday, January 22, 2007

January Meeting Notes

Salvador Partners Mission Group
Notes from January 21, 2007

Present: Ron, Ken, Katy, Kathy, Bernie, Caroline

Pledges for Orantes Fund 2007

  • Ron will put together the mailing for 2007
  • Caroline will send Ron content from recent reports from Alex
  • Bernie will check w/ Eduardo about a couple of digital photos from the youth gathering
  • Caroline will check w/ Susy about photos
  • will include info from Alex’s pastoral note / analysis of Peace Accords
  • be sure to include the specific CBC account number so we can keep track of funds
  • Caroline will add info on the blog about how to make contributions
  • when Ron has packets ready, Caroline has the mailing list data base

Alex updates from recent emails

  • Arrests in San Lorenzo community – Maria (friend of Shalom) was freed and there was a hearing scheduled for Jan 17th
  • Earthquake refugees -- 256 people have been evicted from the apartments where they were living (we think this is probably the community that some of us visited in May 2006). Cost for temporary housing is $700/each
  • Ruth had surgery on Jan 16th and is recovering. Alex asked for prayers for the family and for the Shekina congregation. We sent an email prayer request to the CBC list.
  • Alex participated in an anniversary commemoration service for several friends who were killed during the war. Took place at top of a mountain, but he was able to make the walk up.
  • Alex will send potential dates for a phone call after Ruth is back in action.
  • Affirmed Alex’s efforts to send updates and news fairly often over the past few months.
  • We discussed Alex’s analysis of the Peace Accords (the 15th Anniversary was this past week). Katy will send that to Peacemakers Mission Group for reflection. Ron will send to Tara at SHARE (they are collecting analysis).

Info for CBC Newsletter / Bulletin Board / Blog

  • Laura Miraz translated Alex’s brief email and agreed to do a translation of the longer report, too.
  • will post Alex’s letters on bulletin board, excerpts for newsletter/blog

Future Plans – At our Sept. meeting we identified several topics / issues for this year. We agreed to the following plans for upcoming meetings:

  • Timeline w/ photos – We still need to create a permanent version of the timeline of CBC’s history w/ El Salvador. Caroline has typed all the notes. Could this be used in some way with the Youth Delegation “Boot Camp” as part of their preparations? Maybe Steve Chandler could put together a digital version?
  • Share stories from the women’s book project – Possible to do some kind of program of readings and reflections. Think about organizing a coffee and dessert evening in April. Could ask for donations to support the Youth Delegation.
  • New projects / micro-lending – Will have this as our Feb meeting topic. Katy will share info from her interview with Marisol. We know that there are micro-lending projects going on through IMU. Bring ideas and information.
  • School of the Americas Protests in November – Kathy will be in touch with the Peacemakers Action Group (Rick Harris, Bill Barr, Gordon Bennett) to see about potential interest in taking part. See the SOAWatch website for details
  • Romero Events in March 2007 – We’re not aware of any local events but will keep eyes open.
  • Salvadoran Guest in March? – Tara from SHARE had mentioned that they are organizing another visit to the US for Salvadoran representatives. Asked if we would be interested in hosting for a weekend (like when Deysi visited). Dates might overlap with the Youth Delegation boot camp scheduled for the March 16 – 18 weekend. Ron will check in with Tara to see about this.
  • Projections and longterm finances – Want to take a look at our CBC funding for El Salvador and where we are headed. How does this fit with overall CBC goals? Will invite pastors to come for conversation with us at our March meeting.

Calendar Summary

February (meeting on Feb 11th)

  • discuss microlending, new avenues for financing special projects

March (meeting on March 18th)

  • conversation w/ pastors re: funding for El Salvador, Outreach goals, future visions, etc
  • host Salvadoran guests from SHARE?
  • Romero events?
  • Mar 16 – 19 is youth delegation boot camp weekend (NOTE MTG DATE CONFLICT!) – maybe incorporate work on timeline


  • “Mothers In Arms” book project – evening event with readings and reflections, fundraiser for the youth delegation


  • SOA Protests in GA --