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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fiesta Invitation!

We hope you'll come for an end of the year fiesta with good food and dessert! We're hosting this get-together as a chance to enjoy some relaxed time together and as a reunion for the 2004 youth delegation members who are now college students. Members of the upcoming 2007 youth delegation are invited. And, as a bonus, Tara Carr-Lemke from SHARE in Washington DC (remember her?) will be in the area visiting relatives, so she will be joining us, too.

WHO: El Salvador Partners Mission Group, participants in the the 2004 youth delegation, and members of the upcoming 2007 youth delegation

WHAT: very casual dinner and dessert

WHERE: The Cargo-Peterson house in Paoli

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 28th, from 6pm until 9pm-ish

RSVP to Caroline via email or phone if you think you can come.